• What is a selfie stick?

    While selfie stick has been one of the most trending gadget lately (since jun 2014 there has been a drastic increase in the awareness of this helpful gadget), many people still do not know what a selfie stick is. Have such a question ever came across your mind?

    Hey! What is a selfie stick? or What is that stick that those guys are using to take their selfie?

    Well, there is nothing to worry for today I am going to share with you what this stick actually is. However, before we actually proceed further, you should know what ‘selfie’ and ‘stick’ means individually.

    Hey, if you would like to learn more about selfie stick and it’s part, feel free to check out this page of mine “Selfie Stick Parts Explanation”. In this page, I include the details for each and every part that you will need to know about the gadget. I advise you to check it out!

    Selfie, seems familiar

    Selfie has been a familiar and widely used term since 2012. Selfie actually means taking photos of yourself or a group of friends by … YOURSELF.

    Sounds weird, huh? But this is exactly the trend (especially after the increasing popularity of Facebook in 2010 and the rising quality of the smart phones front camera).

    Still remember those days when you take your own picture in front of the mirror? Taking a selfie which is so blur until you hardly recognize yourself (using a phone with low quality front camera)?

    Stick…So obvious

    Stick is a…STICK! That’s right, you got it! (I know it is merely a stick, LOL)

    However, this stick is magical, trust me…it is. This stick has successfully bring the selfie world up to a higher platform.

    It is a stick, which in most cases are adjustable to optimize the right distance for the best selfie on EARTH!

    So…now, what is a selfie stick?

    It is an equipment/gadget which is the smaller and simplified form of tripod (tripod is camera holder with three legs) that helps people to take a selfie picture of higher quality. Let me give you an example so you will realize the REAL function of a selfie stick 😀

    When you are trying to take a great picture of yourself (selfie) to make them as your profile picture in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, whatsoever, have you ever hoped that you have hands which are extendable?

    Now, this is why selfie stick is gaining a place not only among teenagers but also among the adults. It’s normal these days to see adults taking group selfies and posting them on their walls (Facebook, Google+,etc).

    Benefits of using a selfie stick for your selfies

    I am just going to list down the benefits of using a selfie stick for your selfies briefly here because if I am going in detail (in fact, I actually did go in detail about the benefits of selfie stick on this post here), it will be very very long but FUN.

    You can now take group photos with ease. I am sure you guys – who love taking selfies during vacations and outings – often have problems fitting everyone in a selfie picture at one shot (especially when you are trying to fit more than 5 faces in one picture LOL).

    You can optimize the angle for your selfie. For those of you who do not know, a good angle will change the whole look of the picture. With a selfie stick, you can take picture from the top (one angle that most people are happy with the outcome because they make your face look slim!).

    You do not need to ask other people to take photos for you. One common scenario that you can definitely recall – you asking help to take photos of you and your friends/relatives – is good enough to show how important is selfie stick!

    Hey! These are just a few benefits from many other benefits!

    What do you think?

    Don’t you feel like getting your own ‘helpful selfie tool’? If you are a selfie fan, you should really consider getting your own selfie stick now!

    But you might be thinking in your mind,

    Where to get the best selfie stick (economical and useful) which is suitable for me? How to choose the right one?

    If you are keen to get your very own ‘helpful selfie tool’, then visit my post “Selfie Stick Review” to choose the best one for yourself.

    Note: I strongly suggest that you take a look at my unique review before purchasing one because different types of selfie sticks suit different individuals. Sometimes, an expensive one might not be suitable for you despite all the unique functions it offers.

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