• 7 Benefits of Selfie Stick that you should know

    7 benefits of selfie sticks that you should know

    If you been to any tourist spots lately, you should notice many weird sticks holding cameras/smartphones on it. These sticks are known as selfie stick. You might be thinking, “What’s the point of carrying such a stick when it actually troubles you?”

    Let me show you what’s the point. Read on as I will be revealing the 7 benefits of selfie stick.

    Note: The benefits are not arranged in order.

    #1 Selfie stick allows you to take group photos fitting many people in it

    If you are a selfie fan, you will realize that it is hard to take selfies fitting in everyone’s face (you definitely can’t capture a great selfie with bare hands if you are trying to include more than 5 faces in the picture).

    It may be very frustrating when you can’t even take a good group selfie although you have tried many times. I understand that feeling because I once tried to fit 8 faces (my friends including me) into a selfie picture using my i-phone 4S.

    Suddenly one of my friends shouted

    “Hey! Use my selfie stick instead. It’s much easier to capture a selfie!”

    It was then I feel that it’s a need nowadays to have one selfie stick (or else you would have a hard time taking selfies with pretty girls, those with that selfie stick snatch your opportunities LOL)

    Side note: Check out my top 8 list of selfie sticks review and be the GUY with the girls 😀

    #2 No more asking people around to take photos for you

    You might be familiar with this quote

    “Excuse me, can you help us take a group photo please?”

    This is one sentence that almost all tourist (including me) will say at least one time if we would like to have a memorable group photo. And be reminded, it is only one group photo. (You can’t be going around asking for help each time you want to take a group photo LOL)

    With a selfie stick, you can take a group photo easily without the need to request help! Sounds Amazing? This means you can take group photos anywhere and anytime you want (Of course not at places with the No Taking Photos sign!).

    Sometimes, we will be asking one of our friends to be the cameraman (sad for him for he will be excluded in the group photos) to take photos for us. This will lead you to benefit #3.

    #3 No members are excluded from the group photo

    Like I have mentioned, if one of the members is going to be the cameramen, he will definitely be excluded from the picture, do you think this is fair for him? If you guys choose to take turns, still you wouldn’t get a picture with all of you in.

    Of course you can still use a tripod to take group photos, but there are just too much disadvantages. I will be explaining further in benefit #4

    Again! It’s the selfie stick that will be helping you out! By using a selfie stick, no ONE will be excluded from the group photo.

    This is exactly how we want a group photo to be – having everyone inside – or else taking group photos wouldn’t be meaningful anymore.

    #4 You do not need a tripod

    A tripod is a camera holder with three legs (the ones that are used for photo shooting session). Why choose a selfie stick over a monopod? (I have written a thorough post on it, but anyway I will be stating the main points here)

    A tripod is too troublesome to be bought around (especially if the aim of the trip is to play and enjoy). Besides, the price of a tripod is much higher than a selfie stick. The angle of the photo shooting session can’t be adjusted easily (selfie stick is more flexible).

    Due to these complications, selfie stick is a way better choice when compared to tripod for outings and vacations usage.

    #5 you can take a nicer selfie picture without tiring youself

    This is so true and is one of the most important reasons why people use selfie stick (other than taking group photos).

    Before I continue, do you know that a picture taken from various angles aren’t all beautiful. This is exactly the same for selfies. Most of us (excluding the really preety and handsome ones) only look good in one or two particular angle.

    I have tried once to position my smartphone in an angle that I will look really good in it (pros said that taking a selfie with the camera situated higher than you while the camera facing you in a slanting manner will produce great selfies). Before I even take the selfie, I gave up. Why?

    Because it is just too tiring to lift my hands up so high while trying to adjust the best angle. You try it for yourself and you will know what I am trying to highlight.

    This is when selfie stick comes in handy. Selfie stick allows your hand to be at a resting position while you adjust the right angle by just moving the selfie stick. So much easier!

    #6 Reduce shakiness while taking selfies

    One of the main reasons why some selfies that you take turn out to be blurry is that your hands shake when you are taking the selfie. Let me tell you something. This is NORMAL (especially for me, my hands trembled as I take my selfie).

    When you use a selfie stick to hold your smartphones/cameras, you will realise the selfie stick is such a magical gadget (this is why my site is called magical selfie stick) that it reduces the shakiness of your hands.

    Some of my friends question me –

    “How is it possible that a selfie stick will reduce shakiness when it is so long, just like when you hold a fishing rod, how can it stop trembling?”

    The answer is simply because selfie stick is very light and it can hold your smartphones/cameras firmly. And more importantly, there are not fishing rods (LOL).

    #7 Your smartphones/cameras won’t drop off your hand easily

    The worst scenario ever – your precious smartphone/camera slips off your hand while you are taking selfies. I have to say that I am grateful for I have never experienced such a tragic incident before but this is something we should be cautious of.

    If you are using selfie stick, I am sure you have nothing to worry about. This is because your smartphone/camera will be clamped and held firmly.

    Just remember to check the selfie stick occasionally to see if the selfie stick is in good condition.

    Want to get yourself a selfie stick?

    If you are a selfie fan or want to start taking selfies, I suggest that you get your own selfie stick. I know it is hard to make the right decision as there are so many choices of selfie stick out there.

    I strongly recommend that you read my post “Selfie Stick Review – Get Your Own Selfie Stick” where you will gain access to more than 30+ brands/types of selfie sticks reviews!

    Update: Check out my lists of best selfie stick for iPhone 6 plus and other large and heavy smartphones 😀

    Hint: They are great especially if you are facing problem with the durability of your current selfie stick.

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