• 11 Selfie Stick Apps You Can’t Miss

    When I first started this blog, there isn’t much selfie apps out there. The one that I used the most for selfies and photo editing is Camera 360. Today, there are tons of camera apps and some are really great innovation that improve our selfie experience.

    In this post, I will be sharing with you 11 selfie stick apps that you can’t miss. Notice that I mentioned selfie stick apps instead of selfie apps. This is because this list is geared towards selfie stick although we will be covering everything you need to know about the app.

    Why bother using selfie stick apps?

    There are a few great reasons to why you should be using selfie apps.

    1. Selfie stick’s bluetooth might not work properly if it isn’t compatible with your phone. This situation always occur because it’s difficult to manufacture bluetooth shutter or in-built bluetooth system that can be compatible with millions of models out there. However, you can get around this by installing camera apps that are compatible with your bluetooth remote. It doesn’t work all the time but it’s worth a try. (Many readers actually able to get their selfie stick to work just fine by installing Camera 360, check out the comment section of this selfie stick guide).
    2. Besides, some of you are using selfie sticks that doesn’t come with any bluetooth system. These apps have features such as timer and gesture sensor. Gesture sensor works in a way that the camera senses a previously programmed gesture such as a smile for example, and a picture will be taken. Nowadays, most selfie sticks come with bluetooth system. However, there are some selfie sticks that are meant for outdoor/extreme usage such as Go-Pro selfie sticks normally don’t have bluetooth functionality.
    3. Fun to use. Simple right? Some apps like Snapchat for example, are pretty fun to use.
    4. Used for photo editing. Gone are the days when it’s so damn hard to edit your photos. You might be suprised that some apps listed below have sophisticated photo editing features.

    So, let’s start going through 11 selfie stick apps. There will be a download link for both android and apple user. The required IOS and Android version are also listed accordingly.

    Just note that you don’t need all the apps below because there are some overlapping ground. Pick the ones that you are most comfortable with and you are good to go.


    One of the most famous selfie app out there is probably Snapchat. In fact, there are a few readers that emailed me sharing their great experience with Snapchat.

    The main distinction of Snapchat as compared to other camera apps is the various effects that happens only if you make certain gestures. For example, if you are using the rainbow effect and you open your mouth, there will be a stream of ‘rainbow river’ flowing out your mouth. It’s definitely a great experience for selfie lovers. (Check the video below).

    On top of that, Snapchat is not just an app that allows you to take selfies. It’s integrated with social sharing system. You get to post your selfies on your feed and your friends get to look at it. It’s something like a mini Instagram or Facebook.

    Not to mention, Snapchat also provides basic photo editing function. Having that said, if you are really into photo editing or you are looking for more complex configuration, check out other apps in this list. We have them covered for you.

    Also, Snapchat is becoming more popular and thus more selfie sticks are compatible with it. For instance, if you can’t take pictures by clicking on the Bluetooth function with your phone built-in camera app, try Snapchat instead.

    Support OS: Minimum Android 2.2 / iOS 5

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link


    The name “Cymera” is a brand. It is so much more than a selfie app. This extraordinary application has the power to make you look unbelievably good in your selfies even at your bad days with it automatic face recognition option and over 200 hairstyle and makeup gigs. Those unseasonal blemishes you have or that wrong shade of foundation is not a problem anymore. Cymera will find out the best in you with a few taps of its beautification buttons.

    Everyone experience clicking selfies which comes out really nice but the background just kind of kills it. Well! Cymera is your savior in these dire situations by grooming it with cropping, sharpening, filtering or changing its contrastand background.

    You have the best powerhouse selfie application at hand with seven stunning camera grid lenses, which can work wonders. It’s flanked by five super powers: anti-shake, timer, touch shooting and out focusing options. These along with the silent mode and bluetooth option make it the ideal app for selfie sticks.

    This real time app is a pro at editing photos from other photo editing apps as well as sharing it among your most favourite channels online namely facebook, tumblr, twitter, snapchat, instagram and many more.

    Get to work and create fancy photo collages and decorate it as you desire to make it your next most liked photo in social media.

    Support OS: Android and IOS version varies per device.

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link


    This is the selfie generation and I am sure you all must have faced problems when you are the one taking selfies. Your friends all look smiling and shiny in their perfect pose while you have your bloated face right in front of the camera because you are the one holding the stick or your camera at your arm’s length to push the button.

    CamMe comes with its quick witted hand gesture feature which requires you only to raise and close your hand in front of the camera to make it click.  You can hold the camera from 2 to 16 feet to take your shots without any resistance. (Check out the video below)

    Wait! It does not end here. While it is your selfie stick’s best friend, it also looks after your photo editing obsession by coming up with a wide collection of editing features including funny templates and background to take fun shots.

    You can add to the thrill by using CamMe’s photo booth to take a series of photos in fast pace just like you do in outside photo machines. This is the ultimate app for selfie lovers without a doubt to share with your buddies in Twitter and Facebook.

    Supports OS: Minimum IOS 7.0

    Itune Download link

    Cam Me does not officially support Android devices. I will include an alternative for Android users as soon as I found one. Feel free to email me if you are aware of other alternatives out there.


    Don’t be deceived by it’s weird name. B612 is one of the best selfie stick app out there. You must always be seeking new and fun ways to capture photos to lock it in your memory. B612 comes with fresh ideas like a short 3 to 6 second selfie videos where you can put your sweet and sour expressions together and pull off a unique clip with sounds.

    Your selfie stick will love this app with its timer setting and variety of both readymade and custom filters to take quick exotic selfies. Just turn on the bluetooth button of your selfie stick and click away to create memories. Check out the video for a short demo.

    The most distinctive feature of this app is the nature of its filters. Not only are these filters capable enough to transform your photos completely but it also has this random filter option which you can use when you are hastily assembling your selfies.

    Change the intensity of your filters and turn the focus of your shots by using vignette and tilt shift option. The difference that these simple strokes can make will leave you mesmerized. Your precious events can always be imprinted in your memories if you adorn them in you 3D photo collage and share them in facebook, twitter and instagram.

    Feel free to tap the rear and switch camera buttons for ease of clicking selfies and not missing out that rare moment of beauty.

    Supports OS: Minimum Android 4.0.3/IOS 7.0

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link

    Youcam Perfect

    You ever have those moments of realization where you see a photo of your friend and wonder when she has become so breathtakingly beautiful? It may not be only their puberty kicking in but also this secret weapon called “Youcam Perfect”. This exclusive application makes your world of selfie shots and videos a catalogue of masterpieces with its robust filters, cool collages, innovative frames, stickers and funny background.

    You can have the work of a plastic surgeon, beautician and stylist done with this app singlehandedly. No more dragging your heavy makeup box at your photo shoots. A few flicks of your hands will be enough to remove the unwanted pimples from your face and dissolve your eye bags and give it that mysterious look you wish. Reshape your face and waistline brandishing this magic wand. Infact, you have six beautification levels at your disposal to remodel you from ordinary to outright gorgeous.

    It is capable of bringing out the colour of your eyes and gives your face that sparkling glow which makes heads turn. You can make online post cards to send to your friends and families by adding special effects, writings and templates.

    Tinker with the blurring tools and object remover to pluck out the mismatched objects from the background of your photos and share it on facebook, instagram and your preferred social media. You are always encouraged to learn and improvise by watching makeup tutorials in real life with Youcam Perfect and following popular stylists to observe how it’s done.

    Supports OS: Minimum IOS 7.0, Android version varies per device.

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link

    Camera 360

    See the world with the lens of Camera 360 and you will not regret it. It will suit your every mood and events with its captivating filters and editing options. Your pictures will come out great in broad daylight as well as in pitch dark night, thanks to Camera 360! Y

    ou can indulge yourself in some real photography with its versatile modes to romanticize your pictures by adding effects to it, clip on funny stickers, refine colour or make it a 90’s photo with a black and white backdrop.

    No wonder it’s the celebrities’ favourite and wildly popular with over 500 million users worldwide. Take selfies, make videos and post them online to bait your friends at photo challenges. You are sure to win with its multi-purpose features to make your face shine like an angel.

    You can make your creations more real with its 3D contour and tap just anywhere to capture your bitter sweet expressions. The world is open for you to party and share snaps in WeChat Moments, Weibo and instagram so that your friends don’t miss out on all the fun you are having!

    Supports OS: iOS 7.0 or later, Android version varies with device.

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link

    BestMe Selfie Camera

    This is the app for you if you are simply looking to enhance your photos without distorting its originality. Selfies are must wherever you go whether it be partying with your friends or capturing special family moments.

    This app has precisely 125 filters so that you never run out of options when changing the background of your photos. The blur effect and mirror filters are the most favorites among the users as it brings out the fun facts in your shots.

    It’s always fun if you can get creative with your stills and the editing options such as the vignette mode and contrast selection of this app gives you the room to experiment and give a kick off new look to your pictures.  You will always have something to look forward to with a variety of funny and queer emojis with automatic face recognition to fashion your photographs.

    This is an era where fast flexibility is highly appreciated. BestMe is just that with easy to learn buttons and features to tag and share your amazing stills with your friends in Instagram, Facebook, VK, Line, Kakao, WeChat and many more. Using selfie sticks will never be a problem with its timer option and easy adaptability with almost any brands.  Take your time to get your pose right and enjoy taking groupies and selfies.

    Supports OS: Minimum IOS 8.0/Android 4.0

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link


    Retrica is the one stop shop for photo bugs to capture amazing stills. People all around the world are fans of this application for its easy to go features. The selfie fanatics like you can check out how your selfie previews look with exciting live filters before taking the click. Not only this saves your time and energy but you can also get the opinions of your friends of which filter best portray the ambience of the celebrations before making it official.

    You can expose your photos to a variety of lighting as if you are holding a DSLR in your hand. The never ending filters and layouts give you the chance of editing each of your photos uniquely. Besides, it does not miss out on anything that the other selfie editing apps have, such as the vignette mode to change your backdrops.

    Retrica is getting increasing attention for its adaptability to selfie sticks as it has set timer and have the option to share your photos globally. Spice up your pictures with Retrica’s exclusive collection of stamps and collage templates. Make your memories count because who knows when the next big moment will come!

    Supports OS: Minimum IOS 7.0/Android 4.0

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link


    For some of you, taking photo is more than your hobby. PicsArt is an angel in disguise for professionals and photo art lovers like you. Taking selfies and dolling up your face is not the only way to make you look good. A photo comes alive when you put the right filter to it and use your expert editing moves to bring out the best in the photo.

    PicsArt gives you the power to do that with its battalion of infinite filters, effects and editing tools. You can crop, clone, blend, enhance and swipe text and image overlays to groom your photos. This stunning app even comes with a diverse array of photo camera, clip art image, frames and stickers, which will make you fall in love with it.

    Your masterpieces can accommodate more than one picture with the assistance of PicsArt’s very own collage maker where you can decorate your photos freestyle with your own captured shots at backdrops or any other way you wish. You can get hold of painting brushes, filters, masks and shape masks to draw and create time lapse videos to show the world your creativity.

    Share your videos on youTube and photos in social media freely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, and via email. Take part in drawing and photo competitions if you really have it in you. PicsArt is a package to showcase your talents if you are ready to take the challenge.

    Supports OS: iOS 8 or later, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows Phone, Android

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link


    GorillaCam is your substitute of a trendy expensive camera. It fits right in with your iPhone and even iPads. Still selfies have already taken a back seat now. People are interested in what goes on behind that laughing face or that exotic location. It’s a product developed by Joby.

    This app can swipe in here to serve that purpose by taking excellent time lapse videos and stop motion videos. You can also take a series of photos at quick succession with one click of GoriallaCam to capture your every mood and colours within a timeframe of up to 60 seconds.

    You can attach your selfie sticks easily with phones that have this app and use another device which has this app to use as a remote control. This way you can frame the perfect selfies with your sticks without fail.

    This app resists you from shaky and blurry photos by taking the shot when the app stabilizes your focus and you can also set the timer to pose yourself at the right angle before locking the clicks. What makes it even easier is that you can tap anywhere in the screen to kick start your shooting once you boot this app for the shots. Check out video below.

    Make high quality photos and videos by selecting from an array of resolutions and sizes and share it with your friends and families. Check out the previews of your work and recapture it if needed. GorillaCam will be there just beside you alongside your whole visual journey.

    Supports OS: iOS 7.0 or later

    Itune Download link

    Unfortunately, this app doesn’t support Android devices.

    Candy Camera

    Take a bow people because Candy camera has it all that makes a good selfie! It goes right into the theme of the selfie with its countless impressive filters. You can swipe left to right to change your filters within seconds and make you look like a princess with its beautifying tools.

    The lens of this app will always manage to complement you by its strokes of make-up that comprise whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner and even mascara! You can also get away with slimming your photos at desperate times. However, if you are adamant on not spoiling your originality, you can always edit and shed the angle in such a way that your natural selfies will be enough to earn you hundreds of likes.

    Take your liberty and browse through the amusing stack of stickers to adorn your pictures and resize and reshape it anywhere in your photo to put a little colour to it. Turn on this app and you can zap away your selfies and groupies without turning heads with the app’s silent camera mode.

    Display your photos in grid and free style collages and share within your circles so, that a glance at your single collage will be enough to jog back your memories to the fun time you had with your loved ones. Check out the review in the video below.

    Supports OS:iOS 7.0 or later, for Android, varies with device.

    Itune Download link

    Android Download link


    Clearly, these apps can be really helpful if you use them to your advantage. My advise will be to explore these apps on your own and decide if they are right for you. In the past, I used to stick with Camera 360 but since I decided to put up this guide for you, I actually tried all these apps.

    What I realized was that each different camera app are slightly different and have their specialties. Which selfie stick apps do you use?

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