Why Magical Selfie Stick?

What’s unique about Magical Selfie Stick?

Magical Selfie Stick is not like other normal selfie stick websites out there. It is designed to help readers understand more about selfie stick and then guiding them to choose the one that suits them the most rather than simply dumping products or affiliate links on the site.

In short, Magical Selfie Stick acts as an informational hub which makes it stands out from the crowd.

Best selfie stick comparison

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Insight on the idea of magical selfie stick

Shaun (founder of Magical Selfie Stick)

During my last semester break, I went to Genting Highlands with my friends. I saw quite a number of tourists using selfie sticks (at first I thought it was a monopod) and it was then the idea of getting my own selfie stick ran through my mind.

Being cost-conscious by nature, I didn’t want to get something that I don’t have much knowledge about. Therefore I decided to look up more about selfie stick before getting one. Sad to say, there are no relevant information in the net that explains clearly what a selfie stick is.

Most websites that I came across are just selling products and nothing more. They provide very minimum amount of explanation. Even if they do, they are just briefly stating the steps to use their product.

This is when I decided to create Magical Selfie Stick where this website will be emphasizing on the benefits of readers. We don’t you to simply buy a product that you might not like (or unaware of the functions of the product).

Why spend a dime on something you might regret later?

What information can you get on Magical Selfie Stick?

  1. What is a selfie stick?
  2. Benefits of a selfie stick
  3. Selfie Stick Parts Overview
  4. What selfie stick suits you most?
  5. Types of selfie sticks
  6. Reviews of plenty great products for you to choose
  7. Latest information regarding selfie stick (latest products, latest trends, etc)
  8. Blog (where articles regarding selfie stick will be included)

Do we just provide these information? Obviously no. This is just the gist of what’s included in Magical Selfie Stick.


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