• The Alaska Life Extendable Selfie Stick Review


    The Alaska Life Extendable Selfie Stick Review


    • Overall Rating: 8.1
    • Price: Check at Amazon for latest price
    • Main Advantages: Compatible with various devices, high durability (extremely strong), waterproof, resistant to corrosion, great for outdoor and vigorous activities, 100% money-back guarantee, great customer's support
    • Main Disadvantages: No bluetooth functions, Only available in black color, quite expensive, no written instructions (only visualized with images),
    • Product From: Amazon
    • Product Recommendation Level: Extremely Recommended (5/5) only for outdoor activities, vigorous sports, underwater activities

    Compatibility (9/10)

    This selfie stick is compatible with various devices (cameras/smartphones). The stick comes with a standard tripod adapter whereby any cameras with the tripod socket will be fit for it. In addition, Some slim digital cameras can be held nicely by the phone holder.

    Most phones (iPhone and Android) are compatible with this product. iPhones (4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6+), Samsung Galaxy (3, 4, 5), Samsung Note 2,3 (Samsung Note 4 is too big for the phone holder) and other phones as long as width of the phone is below 80mm.

    Precaution: For iPhone 6+ users, you are advised to remove the your phone's casing. You can also try changing to a slimmer phone's casing and see if it's too tight.

    Features (8/10)

    This selfie stick comes with some great features to improve your selfie experience.

    Comfortable handle - Made of soft pad which makes it more comfortable besides making it less slippery.

    Extendable selfie stick - Allows you to extend the selfie stick to a maximum length of 34 inches (excluding the handle and phone holder) for great selfies. When not in used, the extended part of the stick can be contracted (to around 7 inches) so it can be brought around easily.

    Extremely sturdy phone holder - The phone holder of this selfie stick is incredibly strong and can hold your phone in place even during vigorous action. This makes it great during sports and outdoor activities.

    Safety String - There is a safety string connected to the handle of the selfie stick and also the bluetooth shutter. These strings are hanged over your wrist as an extra security measure.

    Setback. The only setback is that the stick doesn't come with bluetooth system (you will have to set timer or rely on camera apps which capture pictures when it senses a specific sign language for your photo session). It is designed for customers to use this pole in any environment they want, including underwater, so having it rugged and fool-proof was the idea.

    If you really feel that this is the right product for you (because of it's great durability and strength which makes it suitable for outdoor activities and sports), you can consider getting a bluetooth shutter (around 10$ from Amazon) to complement this product.

    Price (5/10)

    Check at Amazon for latest price

    Durability (10/10)

    This product has a high durability. It's made in a way such that each and every parts of this selfie stick (extendable stick and phone holder) are stable and sturdy.

    The stick is so firm that it stays in position (doesn't bend) when being extended to it's maximum length even if heavy phones such as iPhone 6+ are attached to it. If you seen other reviews from this site, you will notice that 80% of the products aren't stable enough to support heavy phones.

    Apart from that, the stick is fully WATER PROOF and CORROSION RESISTANT which further increases it's shelf life despite allowing you to use it during your favorite sports - camping, swimming, hiking and many more.

    Info: Till date (having over 100+ reviews) there isn't even one unsatisfied review saying that the stick broke. This shows how great it is the durability of the product.

    Consumer's Rating (10/10)

    This product has an average rating of 4.8 stars in Amazon. The best part is that there isn't even one customer who gives the product a 1-star rating. Can you imagine how satisfied are those customers with this product?

    There is only 1 2-star rating. In my opinion, this product doesn't deserve this 2-star rating because it is the customer's fault failing to realize that the selfie stick doesn't come with any bluetooth functions. This is why I always recommend reading product reviews before buying to avoid unnecessary problems.

    Based on the customer's review and the product quality, I would say that the this product deserve a 5-star rating which is 10/10

    Customer's Support (10/10)

    The customer's support for this product is extremely great. Instead of asking you to contact them through via emails or contact forms, they do provide a direct contact number in the instructional manual. Contact numbers are always more efficient compared to emails because you get direct response from their customer's support center.

    In addition to that, they have the initiative to contact you once they know that you are facing a problem (when you leave unsatisfied review on their product page). The best part is that they are willing to refund you 100% or resend you a brand new selfie stick if you are unhappy with the original one you bought.

    The only problem is that they don't state clearly how you can contact them (probably because they assume you know how to get them through their contact number) when replying to unsatisfied review on their product page.

    Choices of Colors (5/10)

    There is only one color to choose from - black. For those who fancy choices of colors, then this product is just on the losing side.

    The reason why the rating is still quite high (5/10) although there is only one color to choose from is because black color suits the theme and function this selfie stick wants to deliver (a great stick to be used during sports and vigorous activities).

    Black color is a great color to withstand dirty stains during outdoor activities. If a white color stick is used instead, you will see dirty stains around easily especially if you use it for outdoor activities. Besides, the whole stick looks great although it's in black color.

    User Friendliness (8/10)

    This product is extremely user friendly -

    1) No charging required. It doesn't come with any bluetooth functions. You do not need to worry about charging the selfie stick.

    2) Complete manuals with detailed instructions. The manual includes visualized instructions to guide you step by step in using your selfie stick. The problem is that there are no written instructions around to guide you - only pictures and images.

    3) Can be used roughly. You do not need to worry about keeping the stick when it rains (but you must keep your phone, unless you are getting a waterproof device). It is strong that it wouldn't break into pieces even if you accidentally drop it on the ground.


    This selfie stick product has a recommendation level of 5/5 (extrememly recommended) only if you are looking for selfie sticks for outdoor activities. If you plan to use it only for normal activities (traveling, shopping, normal vacations) then I would suggest you to for other brands which is cheaper and comes with bluetooth functions.

    Having that said, if you are willing to spend a total of $50.00 ($39.99 for this selfie stick and $10 for a bluetooth shutter) this product can be a very satisfying and long-lasting product. It can be a great long-term investment if you plan to use it often.

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