• Selfie Stick review – Which type suits you best

    As I have always mentioned, there are a few kinds of selfie sticks out there which differ in certain aspects. In this page here, I will listing down all the kinds of this magical stick as well as explaining in detail their pros and cons to help you decide which kind you prefer most.

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    Original Selfie Stick

    This mean that the selfie stick does not come with any bluetooth system (whether it is a bluetooth shutter or an in-built bluetooth system) to allow you to capture photos from a distance. In this case, it is illogical to click the button on the screen because the phone will be quite a distance from your position.

    Therefore, you have to set a timer before positioning the selfie stick during a photo session. Some phones do allow you to set timer in their original camera system. If your phone’s camera system do not have the timer function, then you will have to install photo editor applications (i.e Camera 360) that allows you to set timer.


    Although you may feel that it is inconvenient, the actual fact is that it still has it’s benefits.

    1) Cheap – This is the main reason why most people go for it. If you don’t feel like investing a sum of money into this gadget, then the original selfie stick (the most basic form) might be right for you. Normally, the price won’t go anywhere higher than 10$.

    2) Convenient to be brought around – You will just need to carry a selfie stick with you around if you plan to use the original version of it (if you use a external bluetooth shutter, then you have to take one more thing around with you, which might turn out to be troublesome)

    3) Easier to take group selfie – Did you notice every time you are taking group selfies, there are just some people who are ready and some aren’t when the snap button is pressed. This is why if you use a timer system instead, you promote coherency in which everyone knows exactly when the photo is going to be taken.


    1) Troublesome to operate – Imagine each and every time when you want to take a picture, you will need to click on a timer before you position the stick. Sometimes, it might be annoying as the steps needed to take a selfie way more if compared to using the bluetooth system.

    2) Can’t take pictures in one go – It’s been a culture that we tend to take multiple photos for a single post, scenery, whatsoever and then choose the best one out of it. However in this case, each and every time we take a photo, we need to set the timer. If we use a bluetooth shutter, multiple pictures can be taken in one go.


    Having discussed the pros and cons, I still feel that this original selfie stick is not good enough due to it’s inconvenience (just my personal opinion). You should rather invest a little more in a better one, after all these sticks are lasting gadgets.

    Selfie Stick with Bluetooth system

    Basically there two types of bluetooth system as mentioned above, in-built bluetooth system (the button is on the stick itself) and external bluetooth shutter (an additional device). Although they do differ in certain aspect, lets discuss their similarities first.


    1) Convenient You can now take photos by just pressing the button. This is much more convenient and user friendly compared to a normal selfie stick where you need to burden yourself to set timer each and every time you want to snap a photo.

    2) Easier control during photo session – I am sure most of you often adjust the angle until you look great before taking a photo. Due to this reason, you will not be restricted by the time constrain if you are using a bluetooth system to take photos. (I often find it hard to find the right angle that makes me look good).


    1) Higher in price – Normally the price is higher compared to the original selfie stick which is logical because there are more features compared to the original one. If you are using a camera which does not have a bluetooth system then you should go for the original one.

    2) Increase chances of trembling – It is possible for our hands to shake a little when we are trying to press the button. This is why setting a timer can reduce the chances of trembling when taking your photos. (Not to everyone, but I personally face this problem)


    In my opinion, although the price might be higher for a selfie stick with bluetooth system, but it is way more convenient, and yeah, what we want is convenient. Now, we will be discussing the differences between an inbuilt bluetooth system and external bluetooth shutter.

    Selfie Stick with External Bluetooth Shutter


    Bluetooth shutter

    Actually, the external bluetooth shutter does not influence the stick because the pairing of devices are between your phones/cameras with this external bluetooth shutter. However in most cases, the bluetooth shutter comes together with a seflie stick (which is the original selfie stick, just that now you have an extra bluetooth shutter).

    Having that said, for those of you who already have an original selfie stick with you, there is no point for you to get a new one. You can actually purchase the bluetooth shutter only without having to get another stick. A bluetooth shutter costs you anywhere from 5$ to 15$ (fluctuates based on their compatibility to what devices).

    In-built bluetooth systemButton-on-a-selfie-stick

    An in-built bluetooth system means that stick itself functions as a bluetooth shutter (normally the button is located at the handle of a selfie stick).

    In-built bluetooth has an competitive advantage over external bluetooth shutter.

    Most sticks with in-built bluetooth systems come with a cable to connect the phone with the bluetooth system. This means that no pairing will be needed in order for the button to function. (This is great because at times, pairing between devices can be irritating especially when you fail to pair the devices)

    By using in-built bluetooth systems, you do not need to carry an extra gadget (external bluetooth shutter) around. I am not sure for you, but for me, taking extra things during outing means having more burden.

    Having that said, in-built bluetooth systems have a main setback.

    While you are trying to press the button on the handle to capture your selfie, there is a tendency that your hand might tremble which results in photos of low quality.

    If you use an external bluetooth shutter instead, the tendency of trembling during photo session decreases because you are pressing the button with the other hand, not using the same hand holding the selfie stick.

    Which one you feel is the best?

    So, basically that’s all the comparison between the kinds of selfie stick out there. Personally, I still find selfie sticks with in-built bluetooth system the best despite all it’s disadvantages.

    How about you? Which one do you think you will like most? Please share with us your preference in the comment area below as that might help other readers make up their mind!

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