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We know readers (you) are curious about how we actually review and rate a specific product (selfie stick and it’s related equipments). You may be thinking

Hey, why product A has a higher overall rating compared to product B when I feel that product B is way better?

At times you may be feeling that our reviews are incorrect and let me tell you – this is okay. This is because we weigh different aspects differently. For example, in your opinion, choices of color of a product is very important – you will want a wide variety of choices. But in our opinion, consumer’s rating and price weigh much more compared to other aspects.

This difference will result in an overall rating that you might not agree with. In order to minimize such situation, we decided to state how we judge each and every aspect of the product (selfie stick) and how much do these aspects weigh when we are calculating the overall rating which is what this page is about.

Aspects of a selfie stick we are evaluating

Just for your information, each aspect will be a given a rating ranging from 0 ~ 10. Using all the ratings from each aspect, the overall rating will be calculated based on a specific formula which I will be explaining further later.


This is another great aspect to consider. We will be providing you with all the devices that are compatible to the specific product reviewed. The more the devices the product is compatible with, the higher the rating will be, why?

  • you might have a few devices (phones and cameras) to use during selfie session
  • you may be changing your phone model next time

Important: If the device you are using (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S3) is not compatible with this product brand, then you will have to look for others. If you are using phones which aren’t so famous, you can email us your phone model together with the specific product to see if they are compatible.


In order to improve user’s experience, features are added into a basic selfie stick. These features includes

  • external bluetooth shutter
  • in-built bluetooth system (button on the handle)
  • special features on the phone holder (for phone’s safety)
  • safety string connected to the handle (to be hang over your wrist)
  • some other features that improve user’s experience


Price is always one of the most important factor that everyone would consider before getting any products. Generally, products of lower prices will be getting higher rating for this aspect. However, in order to make the rating relevant, the quality of the product (functions and features) will be taken into account.

For instance, if both products (A and B) have the same functionality and features, then the one with the lower price will be given a higher rating.


Durability is one of the aspects often overlooked by rookies especially those making their first purchase and will start to regret when something bad happened – the stick broke. Therefore, in our review, we do analyze the durability of the selfie stick based on the material used to build the selfie stick and consumer’s review.

Consumer’s Rating

Consumer’s Rating will be carrying a lot of weight in determining the overall rating of a specific product because they had tried it out themselves and they know it best. What we need to be careful about is that there are suppliers buying fake ratings/comments to boost their reputation.

We will be looking through consumer’s comment and eliminate those comments that are obviously bought by the suppliers (normally comments that are extremely long stating the benefits of the product or very short comment are fake ones). We will be screening through related forums for feedback.

To improve the relevancy of information, we will be picking up a few constomers to email them for detailed information as well as verifying them – to know whether they are REAL buyers.

Customer’s support

Great customer’s support from the supplier’s end comes in handy in times of need (i.e. when your selfie stick can’t function) Sadly, this important aspect has always been taken for granted.

How are we rating the customer’s support for a specific product? We will be contacting the suppliers and request for assistance (up to 4 cases). Rating will be given based on two aspects – how helpful is the information provided and how fast are they coming back to us.

Choices of colors

The number of choices of colors that a specific product has (normally the handle of a selfie stick comes in different color) will be considered in our reviews. Generally, the more the choices of colors, the higher the rating will be. If the product covers more trendy and unique colors (such as yellow, pink and green), then the product will have a higher rating.

Note: We would like to know how important is the choices of colors to you. If you have about 20 seconds to spare, please leave your thoughts below in the comment area.

User friendliness

This aspect will be focusing on how simple it is to use the specific product. The highest rating will be given if the product can be used by individuals who have no technological knowledge at all. We rate this aspect by considering a few things

  • does the product comes with a complete manual?
  • can the bluetooth system be paired easily with your device?
  • Is it complicated to use the product? (i.e. too many steps)

Overall Rating

After considering each and every aspect (each has a rating except for basic features), we will use the rating score of each aspect to calculate the overall rating of the specific product (selfie stick). The formula which is used to calculate the overall rating –

Compatibility – 0.5
Features – 1.5
Price – 1.5
Durability – 1.5
Consumer’s Rating – 1.5
Customer’s Support – 1.0
Choices of colors – 1.0
User Friendliness – 1.5

The overall rating is calculated following the ratios as stated above. Let me show you a few examples

  1. Price Rating = 8/10, contribution to overall rating, 8/10 x 1.5 = 1.2
  2. Consumer’s Rating = 7/10, contribution to overall rating, 7/10 x 1.5 = 1.05

As such, the overall rating will be stated to an accuracy of 2 decimal places.

What do you think about our ratings and formula?

There are a few question that we would sincerely love to hear your answer.

  1. Is our formula up to your expectation?
  2. Is there any aspects that we had missed out?
  3. If you would like a change, what would it be?

If you have about 20 seconds to spare, please leave your feedback bellow. Your feedback is very important to us as it creates a direction for us to follow when creating product reviews for you – yeah, all these product reviews are for you.

Search for your great selfie stick in our huge product review resource page!

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